Paws Rescue UK

We are delighted to announce that we've officially partnered with Paws Rescue UK and will be donating 5% of every sale to them! They're a wonderful organisation who rescue and rehome animals from Qatar, we'll explain a bit more below!
We are huge animal lovers here at Project Kotonaru and we are so proud that we are able to help out and make a difference to these wonderful little animals!
Paws Rescue UK has been founded as a platform for Paws Rescue Qatar to re-home beautiful homeless cats and dogs in Qatar to wonderful homes in the UK.
Abandoned animals in Qatar are abundant with many leaving their pets behind or purchasing them from local unauthorised breeders, or from the local souq (market), and getting bored with them soon-after.
We are left with many pure-breed, special needs and mixed breeds to rehabilitate and find homes for, many of whom would never get a chance in Qatar and deserve a chance elsewhere.
As well as donating to Paws UK, we will also be holding events/meets where you'll be able to donate anything you can to help in person, and we know it would mean the world to them!
Please, if you get a spare moment, check out their website and read more about
this wonderful organisation. 
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